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VARSHA SHUPRALI, Setlement Puijola of Kuopio, Kompassi, Finland

Occupation: Guidance conselor and volunteer work in-charge

Employer: Setlement Puijola of Kuopio, Kompassi. Finland.

I am a migrant myself to Finland from India. My original profession in India was as lawyer. When we moved to Finland, I changed my work field to social field. I have been working at Puijola’s Kompassi for almost 14 years now. My roles have changed from project worker to volunteer work in-charge and guidance counselor over the years.

Settlement Puijola is a third sector organization working in social field. Kompassi is a part of it. We are a place which works for the better integration of the migrant community in Kuopio by offering free time activities such as hobby groups, events, volunteer work possibilities as well as much in demand Finnish language courses. We also offer Advice and Guidance service to everyone. Three way integration of people; between Finns and migrants and migrants and migrants is the main of Kompassi. We network and work with all the govt departments as well as organizations which are involved in migrant work.

The city of Kuopio is one of our funders and supporters.

I love to work at Kompassi. Not a single day is the same day. I get to meet a lot of people from not only different cultural backgrounds, but also from different lifestyles. I get to learn a lot from each person. Along with it, as a volunteer work in-charge I get to interact with Finns also from various backgrounds. Through them I get much information and sometimes guidance also while dealing with several societal matters. This kind of multifold experience is one of my main motivations.

In my personal life, I love to read books, watch good old movies, walk alone along the beach listening to music and travel.